The excursion from Casablanca to The imperial city of Fes

Meet you  in your Hotel and drive to the east to the imperial city  of Fes .The ancient Medina which has more than 9000 main and narrow streets so It is really the city that needs to be discover with the help of  An official Local guide. Once you arrive Our Driver is going to Hire for you an official local guide who will show you his place of birth and where he growed up. The tour will be in two different parts; First one will be walking part, It includes the oldest university of Qaraouin and Mesdrassa bouanania and the blue gate then walk along the narrow paths and souks full with food and crafts, artisans then the Library and mosque that was founded in 859 by a women named Fatima.After that you will move to the most attractive thing in Fes, which is The Tanneries, The place where the Fassian people make the best of leather. Then the second Part is a driven part, it will give you an opportunity to see the huge Royal place with seven gates, after that you will cross the Jewish quarter which was an important Jewish commercial area. Then carry on to see the Ceramic House one of the Pottery cooperative where you will see the intricate and a perfect works of making a very nice Tajines and pots then you will drive to an incredible panorama of the whole Medina of Fes from both towers the tower of the north and the tower of the south, Then drive back for 4 hours to the biggest city of Casablanca.