Day trip of Casablanca & Rabat

You will start your full day excursion with the extra ordinary Mosque, the Biggest mosque In Africa which is Hassan II mosque; a small part of the mosque is off shore .On your way towards Rabat you will pass in front of Rriks Café where was shoted the film of Casablanca, then La SaQala: The great walls that was made by Mohammed ben abd Illah against the surfing of the Atlantic ocean and Then pass by the port of Casablanca. After one hour driving From Casablanca you will arrive to The King capital of Morocco: Rabat. Then you will visit all the attractive monuments of Rabat starting by Bab Chellah ruined building of Marinades (necropolis) and head to Hassan Tower next to the tower you will visit the mausoleum of Mohammed the fifth and his son Hassan the second you will take some panoramic photos of the AbouRegReg River and Some Modern Bridges. The next place will be the Udayah Casbah (place of departure of Army for invading Spain) and used to be as a place for arresting the pirate of the Atlantic Ocean in the 17 Century. There you will have lunch in a very nice restaurant that overlooks on the sea and the river which separate the two beautiful cities Rabat and Salle after lunch you have a small tour inside the old medina of Rabat and it’s nice ways inside the crowded market before Take you back to your hotel in Casablanca.