10 days tour starts and ends up in Marrakech

Day 1: Marrakech,High Atlas,Telouat,Ksar Ayt ben hadou Ouarzazate:

At 8:00 you will start your trip to the south east openning by the penetration of the High Atlas Mountains at an elevation of 2260 m about 7269 feet. It is one of the most beautiful sceneries in Morocco. In your way from Marrakech you will have a stop in one of the Feminine Cooperative to learn about Argan fruit and its product and it’s uses .As the journey continue you will go deep in the ounilla valley crossing in a small road that goes to Telouat Casbah. Along the way you will  see small Berber villages and families that live in adobe houses lost in the mountains After some Hours driving from Marrakech and Telouat Casbah you will get to the   UNESCO world heritage site in 1987 which is Kasr Ait Ben Haddou the place where many films were filmed .The place where you stop for visiting  The kasr and having lunch then drive for 30 min to arrive the Hollywood of Morocco and African in general  It is the place where national and international films were operated like such as The game of Throne, Gladiator Lawrence of L’arabie….

Day 2: Ouarzazate,Skoura,Rose valley,Dades Gorge:

At 10:00 You will start your day with visiting one of the nomads depot in Ouarzazate where you can see some traditional Carpets and Galleries ,as you are already in the edge of Sahara A very dray part of land is in front of you can considered as the beginning of the oasis’s . Then continue to visit Amridil Kasbah one of the Kasbah that was built by Thami Glaoui the same person who built Telouat.The place’s new name is Skoura It is known as the One Thousand Kasbah road.After one hour driving You will arrive The rose Valley that locate in Kalaat M’gouna which is famous for its roses product, the place where a rose festival takes place every May each year. a dramatic drive is waiting you after your lunch it is a drive along the Dades river. Again you will be inspired by the fascinating mountains and landscapes of dades the delicious main courses at Dinner and breakfast in your accommodations.

Day 3:Dades Gorge,Tinghir,Todgha Gorge, Alnif,Tazoulait fortified village, Rissani then Erg Chebbi big dunes:

At night or in the early morning  Inside Dades Valley you will enjoy Listening to the water trickling and some birds  singing before to travel more to the heart of sahara desert of Merzouga ,after one hour driving you will  be admired by another beautiful Gorge,NameTodgha Gorge ,It reaches respectively from  300 to 500 meters. It is a magnet for national and international rocks Climber .during your trip you will have many pause to enjoy some panoramic views of the Berber mud villages over looking on the valley. Then end up the Gorge with a walk alongside the Gorge of Todgha.As a journey continue you will be in .Alnif town it is famous for its tree days week market, hope to attend one of them by chance before to depart towards the fortified village where the Berber family is waiting you and welcome you with a very nice lunch comprise of the Berber Pizza and couscous. Another fabulous natural view of Acacia trees or (corn trees) is awaiting you To head towards the ancient city of Rissani passing through Sijilmassa which is a 5 km far from the new town name of Rissani.as are you leaving the town of Rissani the hints of Sahara start to appear and the open vast desert is suddenly is in front of you  and  Erg Chebbi is waiting you and welcome you with a Moroccan mint tea. The camels also are waiting you to pick you up on their saddle to prepare yourself to get lost in the wilderness and charm of golden dunes .you will get off the camels on the middle of the way to watch the sun set. After your pause you continue to your camp on the way another fascinating view of stars starts to appear. Once you arrive the staff of the camp are going to give you your tent and agree about time to serve to you a traditional dinner inside the tents, then you will enjoy a party of Berber music played by the locals.

Day  4: Discovering Erg Chebbi Desert:

In the early morning the camel man will wake up you in to see a magical time of the day which is the time before sunrises the silence is amazing and the light changes as the sun moves across the dunes. It Is a clean and net sun rises it`s absolutely worth getting up early to contemplate the most spectacular sunrise you´ve ever seen at the top of a dune close to the camp and enjoy this landscape that is a gift of nature. After sun rise you will ride back the camels to the hotel to have breakfast and shower then start new trip with our driver to discover the charm of dessert hidden behind the dunes the tour includes; One of the Berber villages and system of Irrigation of the area Bambara/Gnaoua village to enjoy Gnaoua music then back to your hotel to have rest.

Day  5: Erg Chebbi, Erfoud, Medalt, Azrou Ceder forest, Ifran, Fes:

After your breakfast around 8:00 you travel to the north in parallel with the Caravan roads during the time of camel’s caravan travelling to the north, starting by the city of Mineral fossils and Dates Erfoud is the city that holds the festival of date event every October of every year. Then carry on more to the north in parallel with ziz valley Camel caravan roads with its beautiful views and panorama that deserve to stop to take some pictures especially at the biggest Palm groves oasis called Tafilalt Oasis. as the journey continue you will find yourself in  Medalt city the city of Apple that is the place where you suppose to have lunch before to carry on to the north via the remaining cedar forest in North Africa where you will enjoy seeing some Barbary apes swinging between the trees. Then head to the last stop in Ifran city considered as the Switzerland of Morocco it is amongst the cleanest cities of the world It is distinct by its unique alpine Architecture. You will need about one hour to arrive to the medieval city of Fes the spiritual capital. And check in to your typical ornate Raid in the ancient Medina of Fes

Day  6: Fes sightseeing:

Fes Medina has more than 9000 main and narrow streets so it is really the city that needs to be discover with the help of An official Local guide. After your breakfast in the riad our official Local guide is going to join you for showing you his place of birth and where he growed up. The tour will be in two different parts ;First one will be walking part include the oldest university of Qaraouin and Mesdrassa bouanania and the blue gate then walk along the narrow paths and souks full with food and crafts, artisans then The Library and mosque that was founded in 859 by a women named Fatima. And the most Tourists Attraction, which is Tanneries, where they make the best of the leather. And the second Part is a driven part that will give you an opportunity to see the huge Royal place with seven gates, after that you will cross the Jewish quarter which was an important commercial area. Then carry on to see the Ceramic House one of the Pottery cooperative where you will see the intricate and a perfect works of making a very nice Tajines and pots then you will drive to an incredible panorama of the whole Medina of Fes from both towers the tower of the north and and the tower of the south then check in to the same Typical ornate Riad.

Day  7: Fes, Meknes, Volubilis, Chefchaoun :

After your breakfast around 8:00, our driver will pick you up from your Riad/ hotel to travel more to the south east. You will pass by the imperial city of Meknes the city that was founded by Almoravid Dynasty in the eleventh century as a military settlement. It became the capital under Moulay Ismail reign in the seventeenth century He is one of the dynasty of Alouite the family that reigns Morocco Today. He is the one who built the new Meknes with Hispano Moorish style It Has a religious architecture with the great Bab Mansour, biggest Gate In Africa with the beautiful Mosaic Inside where there is the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail. The Granaries is one of the places that worth seeing too it is the place where Moulay Ismail used to stock his plenty for his citizens.Sahrij SWANI, royal palace and the great underground prison are the places you need to see in Meknes, After your lunch In Meknes you will head to the roman ruins Volubilis: first century world Heritage site according to UNESCO It knew some extensive excavation that includes Temples mousaic.the place where you will learn about Roman history, after your visit to Volubilis you still need to drive about Three hours to The north west to the blue pearl of Morocco. . On the way you will cross the beautiful landscapes of the region, wheat, wildflowers, and typical metal roof houses. The area is known by its good quality of honey and butter. Check in to your Dar/Hotel.

Day  8: Strolling in the city of Chefchaoun:

Since Chefchaoun is a small city, it is easy and safe to stroll inside its gem paths by yourself, the main thing you can visit are Utta lhmam square during day and night it has different aspects. The 15 century mosque with its octagonal Minaret, Ras lma : water spring then stroll inside the magical paths  of the city and its crowded Market   then   hike to the mosque for sun set to see the panorama of Chefchaun at night.

Day  9: Chefchaoun, Rabat, Casablanca :

After your breakfast around 8:00, Our driver will pick you up from your Riad/ hotel to travel back  to the west to  Casablanca the biggest city of Morocco, after your living to the magical City of  Chefchaoun you start to penetrate the Rif Mountains with their unique forest. Along the way you will enjoy a very nice views of wheat barely and Mais/corn plains. After 3 hours driving you will arrive to The king capital of Morocco Rabat. Then you will visit All the attractive monuments of Rabat starting by Bab Chellah ruined building of Mirinids and head to Udayah Casbah (place of departure of Army for invading Spain) Then Drive for one hour via the High way to reach you the biggest city of Casablanca Then check in to your Hotel.

Day 10: Visit Casablanca, Marrakech:

Our driver will meet you at 09:00   then start your day trip with the extra ordinary Mosque, the Biggest mosque In Africa which is Hassan II mosque, a small part of the mosque is off shore then drive for 4 hours to One of the most visited places in Morocco which is Ouzoud River, in order to see the big waterfall in Morocco which is locating in the middle Atlas at the altitude of 1060.the waterfall is at the level of 110m. On your way you will definitely enjoy passing through some small towns (Jomo3at kayssar;Thnin bni Mskin,Oulad Mbark and bou moussa) once you arrive, your private tour allows you to enjoy your location to this wonderful place and experience a picnic under the shadow of olive  trees contemplating on  the permanent Rainbows after your  lunch of a delicious  Tajine in one of the best restaurant overlooking on the Waterfall.After lunch you will drive straight for 2:30 min to Marrakech to Drop you out In your hotel.

 End of your tour: 10 days tour starts and ends up in Marrakech.